Cell Culture Research CenterCell Culture Research Center

Joint Research Center of JTEC Corporation and Graduate School of Engineering,Osaka University named “Cell Culture Research Center”

We have continued joint research with the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University since April 2016. To promote the collaboration, we have established a cell culture center in the Suita campus of Osaka University.
The center aims to advance technologies of drug discovery and regenerative medicine. We investigate advanced technology using synchrotron radiation at SPring-8(Japan). In addition to our original 3D cell culture technology “CELLFLOAT”, we are developing advanced novel culture technologies.

R&D at Cell Culture Research Center

Our purpose is to further improve technology
and make industrial contributions in the field of
regenerative medicine.

Our Original 3D cell culture technology “CELLFLOAT”

“CELLFLOAT” is our original and novel 3D cell culture system.
This bioreactor generates shear stress by horizontal rotation, compensating the effect of gravity. The system realizes homogeneous cell growth without sinking, and enable cells to form aggregates that become 3D spheroids.

Cell Culture Research Center