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Optical Business

We manufacture and sell various High-Precision X-ray Mirrors. focus Synchrotron Radiation X-ray which is produced at a Large Synchrotron Facilitiy like where to the diffraction limit various high precision x-ray mirrors

High Precision X-ray Mirrors

We have successfully industrialised EEM polishing technology which was developed in Osaka university and enabled industrial usage of Nano-level polishing. Our high precision x-ray mirror that we fabricate and sell has the ideal surface shape in nano level and has an extremely superior focusing characteristic for Synchrotron Radiation X-ray. (Ir implemented the world smallest focus diameter.) This mirror is called "OsakaMirror" from scientists in the world and drawing very big attention.

Currently, these high precision X-ray mirrors are contributing to the study in many fields such as pharmaceutical study, electronics, material, food, beauty and more.

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Examples of main research and development at SPring-8

  • Development of Sodium Ion Battery
  • Development of high efficiency for Lithiun Ion Battery
  • Development of Long-Life Next Generation Battery
  • Capacity Enlargement of Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
Materials Science
  • Development of Re-cycle technology for Rare-Metal
  • Development of environmental responsive low rolling resistance tire
  • Development of Rare-Metal Free High Performance Magnet
  • Development of Plastic Stronger than Steel
  • Succeed in structure analysis of Levy bodies which is the key to radical cure of Parkinson's disease
  • Study of the drug delivery system to send medicine to the affected part
  • Discovered "a clue" to stop cancer increase
  • Elucidation of flapping of the insect
  • Development of medicine curing mortal "sleeping sickness" of Africa
  • Elucidation of the function of protein which does not freeze
  • Elucidation of the photosynthetic mystery of the plant
  • Elucidation of a mystery of the measles viral entry
  • Development of environment friendly and high efficient engine
  • Development of New Precious-Metal Free Fuel Cell
  • Elucidation of the hair structure/ Development of Haircare Products
  • Development of Anti-Tooth Decay Chewing Gum
  • Development of Long-Life Prosthesis Joint
  • Product Development of Next Generation CMOS Semiconductor