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“CELLFLOAT” Products

Rotary Suspension culture system “CellPet 3D-iPS®”

The JTEC original product. This device made it easy to form 3D spheroids of pluripotent stem cells (ES/iPS cell).

Culture cyringe vessel

Disposable 10ml/50ml (under development)
Autoclavable (glass) 10ml/20ml/50ml

Fragmentation & Dispersion “CellPet FT®”

The JTEC original product.
Grown cell aggregates were passed through a mesh filter to become small fragments without using enzyme.
The fragments from aggregates by filtration had about the same size.
[Usage Examples] Spheroids of pluripotent stem cells (ES/iPS cell), tumor spheroids, tumor organoids, and so on.
Please apply the system to drug development field ; combined with the techniques of tissue or organoids regeneration.

Filter mesh size


Culture cyringe vessel

●Disposable 10ml/50ml(under development)

●Autoclavable (glass) 10ml/20ml/50ml

Tumor Tissue Before After
(CellPet FT)
Lung cancer
Ovarian cancer
Endometrial cancer
Colorectal cancer

Presented by Prof. M. Takagi (Fukushima Med. Univ.)

・The Fukushima Translational Research Center
・Evaluation of anticancer drugs using F-PDO(FukushimaPDO)

Rotary Floating Culture Device for Organoid Regeneration “CellPet CUBE”

“CellPet Cube” a 3D rotary floating cell culture device maintaining a constant oxygen concentration in a culture medium enabled a culture environment suitable for organoid regeneration.
Several advantages have been reported, such as promotion of tissue maturation and shortening the culture period.

Culture vessel

Disposable 50ml/100ml/600ml

The Rotary 3D mass culture system “CellPet 3D-L”

CellPet 3D-L was designed for mass culture use in the series of CELLFLOAT systems.