Product introduction

Advanced KB mirror (1D Wolter mirror)

Walter mirrors are often used in X-ray astronomical telescopes as imaging optics. Usually, a Wolter mirror has two reflecting surfaces that combine spheroid and hyperboloid shapes. It is an effective focusing method for wide-field imaging.
JTEC's Advanced KB mirror consists of a combination of two vertical and horizontal components of a Wolter mirror. The elliptical and the hyperbolic shapes are formed on two mirror substrates with high accuracy in shape and relative angle.
In actual image testing, JTEC’s Advanced KB mirror (PV 2 nm) achieved sufficient resolution to meet the condition of 50 nm minimum line width. This is the world's highest resolution in an X-ray microscope without chromatic aberration. Due to its ability to maintain the size (area) of its focal point even when the incident angle has slightly deviated, the Advanced KB mirror provides a stable area of focus that is robust against conditions, such as temperature drift or vibration.