JTEC's nano fabrication technologies for realizing high-precision X-ray mirrors are introduced.

Elastic Emission Machining (EEM)

EEM is a unique surface nano fabrication technology that uses chemical reactions between fine particles and the surface of the workpiece. In this method, we use special fine particles that react in ultrapure water with the surface atoms of the object. These reactions serve to remove tiny increments of the workpiece surface, leaving a surface that is ultra flat at the atomic level.

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Plasma Chemical Vaporization Machining (PCVM)

PCVM is dry etching technology using plasma at atmospheric pressure. In this process, high-frequency plasma is generated around the electrode for local generation of high-density and highly reactive radicals. Plasma and workpiece surface atoms react to form volatile substances.
PCVM is not affected by equipment accuracy due to the numerical processing control of processing volume using the plasma residence time. The atomic arrangement on the workpiece surface is not disturbed.
In addition, we aim to further improve the processing efficiency using a multi-electrode numerical control method, to develop a unique technology created at Osaka University, into a practical application.

Process principle of PCVM
High-efficiency strain-free machining is realized by chemical etching using high-density plasma
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Catalyst Referred Etching (CARE) Technology

CARE is a unique etching technology that uses a catalytic action that chemically removes only convex portions from the surface to be processed. A pad of Pt or Ni with a catalytic function is moved on the workpiece with ultra-pure water as the machining fluid. The process flattens the surface of various materials, such as glass and SiC, at atomic scale.
Our EEM nanotechnology has achieved a flatness of a 4 Si-atom layer (P-V 1 nm) for practical use with a 1 m-long mirror. We aim to extend the CARE technology to realize the flatness of a 1 Si-atom layer (P-V 0.7 nm) , to make it the ultimate processing method.

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