Developing Automated SystemDevice Development

Application example

Plasma chemical vaporization machining (PCVM) device

PCVM devices for surface machining

PCVM devices provide damage-free machining. Their machining accuracy reaches a nanometer scale with our numerical control system.

Deburring device

This device is used for deburring resin molded connectors (MT ferrule). Reduction of processing time and installation space is available because of dry processing.

PCVM equipment

PCVM is a chemical machining method utilizing radical particles produced by plasma at nearly atmospheric pressure. This unique machining technique was developed at Osaka University.

  • Distortion free machining: Chemical reaction machining near the material surface does not distort the work surface structure,
  • High machining rate: Atmospheric pressure plasma produces many radicals for the machining reaction.
  • Good Applicability for surfaces of various shapes: Highly flexible design of the plasma electrode shape enables the processing for surfaces of various shapes.
  • For resin molded articles: For example, removing burrs and so on.
  • For single-crystal silicone or quartz: Distortion free machining

Chemical industry equipment

Automatic powder blender

For precise automatic blending of some types of powdered materials (dye, pigments, or powdered chemicals).

Automatic liquid blender

For precise automatic blending of some types of chemical solutions (medical solutions, dyes, or paints).

  • Stable and reproducible blending is conducted by selecting a suitable measurement method considering the liquid viscosity.
  • Particular specifications, clean environments, explosion-proof containment, and so on, are available.

Print color exhibition test device

Gravure printing test device

For creating highly reproducible gravure print samples with simple operation.

  • Printing pressure is controlled precisely using a micrometer. Optimal print speed setting results in highly stable printing.
  • Highly reproducible printing is implemented using an electric temperature-controlled printing plate.
  • Only one scoop of ink is needed for test printing.

Synchrotron radiation device

Mirror alignment system(JM-1000/2000)

The JM-1000/2000 is the hyper precision alignment system for K-B Mirrors by which nano focusing can be realized easily.